Halo33 is Barrett Hiatt. That is me. I have had about 20 years of artistic output in many different mediums, all of which I would like to compile in this website. A living timeline.

I will share things that I want people to see. My art, music, videos, photography…..basically anything I have had a hand in.
My online moniker since the dawn of the internet. Any solo material is put out under this name. Mostly remixes.

Full time bands:

His Mighty Robot
Revel Hotel
The Harrow

Live accompaniment:

Eleven Pond
Ragwater Revue

I believe an artists main objective is to be seen and heard. Art is immortality. It is my passion and I am more than happy to give it all away for free. Take it. Consume it. But above all, if you do, please share it.

If you have an idea or a question, please feel free to send it my way.


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