His Mighty Robot

Soda: Vocals / Guitars / Assorted
Heather (H-Rocker): Guitars / Backing Vox
Barrett Hiatt: Drums

They were formed on New Years Day in 2003 by Soda, and saw a few lineup changes early on.
After heavy touring in the tri-state area, the band independently released their debut 4 song EP, Open Your Mind, in March of 2005.

There is an obvious heavy influence from early nineties alternative music. Primarily The Smashing Pumpkins & The Cure.
In 2006 the band has begun to record their debut LP at Sony Studios in NYC. Changing their style from the programmed drums to live drums for this effort adds to their intense sound that they previously only displayed live. Their first full length, entitled The Conflict, was released on Halloween in 2006.